The Bucket List

  1. Lantern festival in Thailand
  2. Hot air balloon ride
  3. Painted Egg canvas
  4. Go to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  5. Ride an elephant
  6. Ride a camel
  7. Ice Skate
  8. Watch a movie at a drive-in theatre
  9. Hold/Pet an exotic animal
  10. Read the Bible front to back
  11. Sit in Loud City at an OKC Thunder game
  12. Learn how to krump
  13. Stand at the center of the universe
  14. Hang out at the four corners
  15. Live somewhere other than the Bible belt
  16. Go on a ghost tour
  17. Try a nasty flavor soda at Pops
  18. Summit Oklahoma at Black Mesa State Park
  19. Attend an NFL game
  21. Be a foreign exchange student
  22. Go into an airport and by tickets for a random flight
  23. Ice skate in central park
  24. Visit all 50 u.s. states
  25. Be a pen pal
  26. Mardi Gras celebration
  27. Run a 5K
  28. Run a half marathon
  29. Become fluent in a second language
  30. Visit my homeland, Ireland
  31. Take a picture high fiving the Jesus statue in Rio and/or Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  32. Visit the Duck Commander Warehouse
  33. Graduate from Oklahoma State University
  34. Take a photo everyday for a year
  35. Learn to two step
  36. Tip a cow
  37. Explore a national park
  38. Missionary trip
  39. Whitewater rafting
  40. Devote an entire week to serving others
  41. Learn 5 great jokes
  42. Wine tasting in Nevada
  43. Adopt a child
  44. 21 Day religious fast
  45. Knit a sweater
  46. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  47. Write for the college newspaper
  48. Attend Country Stampede
  49. Hike a mountain
  50. Intern for Good Morning America
  51. Understand geography
  52. Purchase a new car for my mom
  53. See the Grand Canyon
  54. Attend the Olympics
  55. Take the next step towards adulthood

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