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Would You Like Fries with That?

Are we the same people?

In the summer of 2013, I  participated in a program called Kaleo, a nine-week discipleship program that allows college students to live in Florida while learning to study the Bible and work a full-time job. I credit my employment as a large portion of my spiritual and mental growth.

Before Kaleo, I considered myself a humble individual with my $100 sandals and taste for Anthropologie decorating. I thought my job search would be exceptionably easy because I was a top choice for employment. I found myself thinking, “Who wouldn’t want to hire me? I’m a hard worker, punctual and fabulous!”

That attitude didn’t last long. After three days of turning in applications and receiving zero phone calls for an interview, I was discouraged. I was meant to work in a little boutique every day and wear cute outfits that impressed my peers. I couldn’t wear a uniform and no-slip tennis shoes every day because that’s not cute.

The later of the two outfits came to be what accentuated my closet for nine weeks. I was employed at 5 Guys Burgers, where I not only had to wear no-slip tennis shoes, but I also wore a nifty red visor. I was not impressed with my work duties, uniform, or my coworkers.

My attitude changed immensely after the first week of employment. I had no idea how much work went into running a fast food restaurant efficiently. My co-workers stories and backgrounds gave me a new appreciation for every thing I had been complaining about.Truth: I wore more than a red visor and no-slip shoes this summer.

More than anything, I learned that I am, in fact, not above anyone or any employment opportunity. Ultimately, I am on this earth to serve my Lord and others. I learned that service comes in all forms, whether it is in a business suit or no-slip shoes.

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