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Look Out, Oklahoma Ice Princess Coming Through!

During the bipolar weather climates in Oklahoma, I was reminded that one of my bucket list adventures has already been fulfilled. How could I forgot about my time spent at the ice skating rink? Maybe the fact that I spent most of my time on my butt rather than on my skates has something to do with my forgetful state of mind.


The horrifying fall 2013 dead week was upon us, and my friends and I were in need of a mass study break. Somehow, a trip to Tulsa, Okla. to attend Winterfest was brought up, and we began our road trip to the event.


Even though I had never ice skated before, I was confident that I would master the skill in no time. After all, I was roller blading champion of my division in 1999. I’d be skating figure eights and leaping through the air like Nancy Kerrigan before anyone could lace up their skates.

Plot twist, I was wrong. Somehow, I had managed to forget that my clumsy stage from the early 2000s has yet to leave me. Five minutes on the ice, and I had managed to fall twice and run in to a wall.  Needless to say, my championship trophy from 1999 should be revoked instantly.

The good news is that another event on my bucket list is complete! I never realized all the little things I have never done until I wrote it all on paper. With spring break quickly approaching, I cannot wait to see what adventures I will find in the Panhandle of Oklahoma!

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