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The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Bucket List

Let’s be real, a bucket list can be intimidating for college students. Amongst the exams, deadlines, Greek life activities, intramural sports and jobs, college students don’t have time to breathe, much less enjoy college. ImageCollege is meant for adventure, and I’m here to save college students from academic burn out and poor social calendars.

I know what the immediate thought is, “I’m in college. I don’t have the time or the money to splurge on good pizza, let alone cliff dive in Jamaica.” That, my friends, is what is magical about a bucket list. A bucket list is a set of goals for the future. Writing an idea down does not imply that I have to fly out tomorrow morning to enjoy a green beer in Ireland. Unless I’m writing to Emma Watson, not many college students have that kind of pocket change lying around.

So for this blog, I decided to give five helpful tips for creating a bucket list.

1. Don’t filter ideas out because they don’t seem possible now.

2. Avoid broad ideas like, “be happy.” Think of ideas, locations and activities that will ignite that happiness in a bright little soul.

3. Also be practical. My wallet might be happier if I went cow tipping this week rather than bungee jumping off the San Francisco Bridge.

4. Don’t make a bucket list concerning what others want you to do. Be selfish. This list is all about you!

5. Be motivated through other bucket lists. If you’re stuck and cannot generate ideas, that’s okay. Check out these other great blogs to get the juices flowing.

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