Lesson’s Learned

In four weeks, many of us will finish another year of school. Some will finalize their college chapters to begin careers in the real world, while others say goodbye to Friday night football games and 1505181_10151852009926301_1162904135_nproms.

For me, I am reaching the end of my sophomore year of college, the final pages of my planner and my sanity, the latter of the three being the most obvious. Ask my roommates about my tangents, and I’m sure you’ll have story or two to giggle about.

Although my sanity is nonexistent, I have gained new insights about the world, my life and my contribution to the two. My freshman year equipped me with knowledge, time-management and new friends, but it has been my sophomore year that has taught me the true importance of a college education.

This year, I was slapped with the reality that the things I worry about are not eternal. A semester class lasts for five months and then is forgotten. However, the memories, friendships and life lessons made during that time are what make college the best four years of one’s life.

This semester, I lear10153267_10202413385389180_2447146837458925574_nned how to document my adventures and life lessons in 300 words or less. I learned that life is too fragile to make a letter grade the focus of my life. I learned an extra shot of espresso goes a long way, and a day of doing absolutely nothing is a day well spent if spent with the right people.

My college bucket list has allowed me to see the importance of a weekend getaway. Life is not based on a letter grade, but the experiences that make one smile with satisfaction. Whether it’s feeding giraffes in Kansas or drinking buffalo wing flavored soda, a bucket list brings the adventures of a lifetime.

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