Giraffes, Kangaroos and Lemurs, oh my!

Beaches, sand and sun are not the words I can use to describe my spring break or my 20th birthday. As my friends were enjoying sand between their toes and showing off their cute bathing suits, I was busy leaving a permanent imprint of my body on my mother’s couch and consuming enough food to make my high-wasted shorts fit a little too snug. It’s casual, though.

However, I did plan an adventure for my escape from the teenage years. Like every others 20-year-old’s dream, I spent my day at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Wichita, Kan. Despite popular opinion, Kansas most certainly has an exciting attraction within its state borders.1962619_10151974071666301_969771370_n

Part of my bucket lists consists of spending a day with exotic animals, and Tanganyika’s broad selection of wildlife let me interact with giraffes, gazelles, kangaroos, lemurs, camels, guinea pigs, penguins and monkeys. I petted all of the above-named animals and even rode a camel around a loop. Yes, I was in a maxi dress, and no, I do not recommend a dress as the appropriate camel riding attire. Hey, you live and you learn, right?unnamed

My absolute favorite part was my opportunity to feed a giraffe.
Giraffes are my favorite animals, and I have always wanted an opportunity to interact with one. Let’s just say, the giraffe and I became homies from our first interaction with each other. We even had time for a selfie. Typical.

Anyway, Tanganyika Wildlife Park impressed me with the park’s cleanliness, friendly staff and animal selection. Although my friends and I were competing against elementary school kids to be first in line for camel rides, the park gave excitement to my spring break week.



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