When Buffalo Sauce Goes Wrong

Pops Soda Shop in Arcadia, Okla. is a tourist destination for many traveling on historic highway Route 66. I, however, will always remember the neon soda bottle as home to number 17 of my bucket list. With some sense of pride, – and maybe less dignity than before- I can say that I have gone where many with weak stomachs and fragile digestive systems fear to go.You only live once, right?

With $20 in my pocket, and my friends Emily and Sallie loaded in a vehicle, I took a more reasonable approach and crossed, “try a nasty flavor of soda at Pops” off my bucket list. In the midst of ranch, creamed corn and asparagus flavored soda, buffalo wing was our poison of choice.  Needless to say, our tastebuds reacted nothing short of what was expected.

Since I am pursuing a minor in marketing, I’m going to provide the inventor of buffalo sauce soda free marketing advice; it was not a good idea. Buffalo sauce should remain in its original form, on buffalo wings and noncarbonated. It’s just natural and what’s right in the world, you know?

Pictures or it didn't happen. Although our perspective on the spicy soda did not change, the trip was not a bust. Emily, Sallie and I thoroughly enjoyed our escape from Stillwater, Okla. Great company is truly what makes an adventure that much more memorable.

This week wasn’t as exciting as a lantern festival in Thailand would have been, but I take great pride in my past adventure. People’s reactions confirm that maybe my bad decision wasn’t so awful after all. My stomach may think differently, but my storybook now has a special place for buffalo wing flavored soda pop.

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3 thoughts on “When Buffalo Sauce Goes Wrong

  1. 68W Wife says:

    I think I might’ve just gagged. I can’t even fathom the taste of buffalo wing soda. YUCK

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