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21 Days later…

Like many college sorority girls, my adoration for food is up there with my cat on the list of things that I love. Sugar and caffeine became my best friends during late night study sessions, and they decided to bring their friends Love Handles and Triple-Chin to the study party. Uninvited of course. I stopped the party before Bubble Butt showed up and made a lifestyle change.

On Feb. 1, 2014, I began a 21 day journey known as the Daniel Fast. The Daniel Fast is biblically based fast. It refers to the story of Daniel the prophet, who ate only fruits and vegetables, and drank only water. He refrained from eating Big Macs, frozen yogurt and quesadillas. True story.JUST SAY NO.

Participating in the Daniel Fast means that I could only eat the things that Daniel did. I threw the cookies, pizza and Fuzzy’s tacos out of my diet and replaced them with fruits, vegetables and nuts. Through these simple changes, I found that the areas I struggled in most traced back to my food consumption.

My chins did more than accentuate my neckline; They led to lack of discipline in my studies, workouts and time with God. When I determined it was OK to eat another no-bake cookie, I also decided that it was appropriate to skip my workout for the day or postpone my homework 15 minutes longer.

Yes, I missed chocolate and indulged in a candy bar the second the clock hit midnight on Feb. 22. However, my thoughts are more focused on what I’m doing rather than what I’m eating. I am more focused on my studies, disciplined in my workouts and dedicated to my bible study. The Daniel Fast has given me the right to say, “I’m 21 days strong, homies!”

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Would You Like Fries with That?

Are we the same people?

In the summer of 2013, I  participated in a program called Kaleo, a nine-week discipleship program that allows college students to live in Florida while learning to study the Bible and work a full-time job. I credit my employment as a large portion of my spiritual and mental growth.

Before Kaleo, I considered myself a humble individual with my $100 sandals and taste for Anthropologie decorating. I thought my job search would be exceptionably easy because I was a top choice for employment. I found myself thinking, “Who wouldn’t want to hire me? I’m a hard worker, punctual and fabulous!”

That attitude didn’t last long. After three days of turning in applications and receiving zero phone calls for an interview, I was discouraged. I was meant to work in a little boutique every day and wear cute outfits that impressed my peers. I couldn’t wear a uniform and no-slip tennis shoes every day because that’s not cute.

The later of the two outfits came to be what accentuated my closet for nine weeks. I was employed at 5 Guys Burgers, where I not only had to wear no-slip tennis shoes, but I also wore a nifty red visor. I was not impressed with my work duties, uniform, or my coworkers.

My attitude changed immensely after the first week of employment. I had no idea how much work went into running a fast food restaurant efficiently. My co-workers stories and backgrounds gave me a new appreciation for every thing I had been complaining about.Truth: I wore more than a red visor and no-slip shoes this summer.

More than anything, I learned that I am, in fact, not above anyone or any employment opportunity. Ultimately, I am on this earth to serve my Lord and others. I learned that service comes in all forms, whether it is in a business suit or no-slip shoes.

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When Reality Makes an Appearance

At 19 years old, I’m experiencing a crisis. Like a midlife crisis, but with more hair and an empty bank account. This week, I took the next step in becoming an adult, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

The new home in all its glory!

The big step into adulthood began when I signed a lease on my first home. Granted, I have been out of my mother’s house for almost two years, but I wouldn’t consider a college dorm room or a sorority house as being “on my own.” I’ve yet to receive my first electric bill, deal with a pesky insurance agent or call a plumber because my pipes burst and I’m drowning in my home.

Needless to say, I’m terrified. My mind spins with potential scenarios of clogged pipes, spider invasions and creepy neighbors. I mean is there not a college class that will teach me how to handle these issues? Like, How to Adult for Dummies, or something!

One thing I have taken from this experience is that a bucket list is not all fun and games. When I put number 54 on my list, I didn’t consider the smack to the face that came with it. Signing my name on the dotted line did not only come with a new home, but it also brought a new sense of reality.


Although I’m currently intimidated, I’m also ecstatic about life on my own. I will be able to cook my own food, perfect my interior design and gardening skills, and have a glass of wine with my roommates after a stressful day. If those things come with a few creepy neighbors, I suppose I’ll take it.

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When Buffalo Sauce Goes Wrong

Pops Soda Shop in Arcadia, Okla. is a tourist destination for many traveling on historic highway Route 66. I, however, will always remember the neon soda bottle as home to number 17 of my bucket list. With some sense of pride, – and maybe less dignity than before- I can say that I have gone where many with weak stomachs and fragile digestive systems fear to go.You only live once, right?

With $20 in my pocket, and my friends Emily and Sallie loaded in a vehicle, I took a more reasonable approach and crossed, “try a nasty flavor of soda at Pops” off my bucket list. In the midst of ranch, creamed corn and asparagus flavored soda, buffalo wing was our poison of choice.  Needless to say, our tastebuds reacted nothing short of what was expected.

Since I am pursuing a minor in marketing, I’m going to provide the inventor of buffalo sauce soda free marketing advice; it was not a good idea. Buffalo sauce should remain in its original form, on buffalo wings and noncarbonated. It’s just natural and what’s right in the world, you know?

Pictures or it didn't happen. Although our perspective on the spicy soda did not change, the trip was not a bust. Emily, Sallie and I thoroughly enjoyed our escape from Stillwater, Okla. Great company is truly what makes an adventure that much more memorable.

This week wasn’t as exciting as a lantern festival in Thailand would have been, but I take great pride in my past adventure. People’s reactions confirm that maybe my bad decision wasn’t so awful after all. My stomach may think differently, but my storybook now has a special place for buffalo wing flavored soda pop.

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